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シリーズ: SMOV34S
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過電圧回路保護用熱保護型 SMOV34S バリスタシリーズ

SMOV34S バリスタシリーズは UL 1449(第 3 版)で挙げられるような異常な過電圧によるオーバーヒートが発生した場合には溶断する統合熱切断を提供します。これらのデバイスには別途にマイクロスイッチが設置されており、MOV が回路から切断されたことを示すものとして使用できます。

  • SPD 製品の UL1449 第 3 版への準拠を促進
  • 高ピークサージ電流対応機能および高エネルギー吸収容量
  • 中間電流:50A/150A;公称放電電流数値:10 kA (SMOV25S) および 20kA (SMOV34S)、UL 1449 認定済み。UL ファイル番号:E320116
  • MOV とスイッチのコンパクト設計
  • 鉛フリーおよび RoHS 適合

  • サージ保護機器
  • AC パネル保護モジュール
  • 電力伝達スイッチ
  • AC/DC 配電システム
  • 太陽光発電システム
  • 携帯電話のベースステーション


Catalog #VMAX AC (V)VMAX DC (V)WTM (J)(ITM 1xAmps (A)ITM 2xAmps (A)VNDC
VNDC MAX (V)Vc (V)PolarityPartner ECAD ModelsStockSamplesCompare
Catalog #VMAX AC (V)VMAX DC (V)WTM (J)(ITM 1xAmps (A)ITM 2xAmps (A)VNDC
VNDC MAX (V)Vc (V)PolarityPartner ECAD ModelsStockSamplesCompare
SMOV34S111MP 1151502804000030000183163202305双方向性SMOV34S111MP Check注文
SMOV34S131MP 1301753104000030000206184228345双方向性SMOV34S131MP Check注文
SMOV34S151MP 1502003604000030000240212268405双方向性SMOV34S151MP Check注文
SMOV34S181MP 1802404304000030000283254312488双方向性SMOV34S181MP Check注文
SMOV34S251MP 2503304904000030000392354429650双方向性SMOV34S251MP Check注文
SMOV34S271MP 2753695504000030000431389473730双方向性SMOV34S271MP Check注文
SMOV34S301MP 3004005904000030000481433528780双方向性SMOV34S301MP Check注文
SMOV34S321MP 3204206404000030000512462561830双方向性SMOV34S321MP Check注文
SMOV34S421MP 42056091040000300006796107481130双方向性SMOV34S421MP Check注文
SMOV34S461MP 46061096040000300007136427831188双方向性SMOV34S461MP Check注文
SMOV34S511MP 51067596040000300008237359101350双方向性SMOV34S511MP Check注文
SMOV34S551MP 55070096540000300008557709391415双方向性SMOV34S551MP Check注文
SMOV34S621MP 6208001050400003000097788010741589双方向性SMOV34S621MP Check注文
SMOV34S751MP 750970120040000300001200108013202000双方向性SMOV34S751MP Check注文
品番 部品名 RoHS 鉛フリー RoHS (2015/ 863/EU) 認証 REACH (SVHC) 適合証明書 ハロゲンフリー REACH (SVHC)
SMOV34S421MP THERMALLY PROTECTED VARISTOR SMOV25S なし 08/14/2012 なし 08/14/2012 /~/media/images/littelfuse/site-logo/lf_logo.png" alt="Littelfuse Circuit Protection Sensors and Power Control" height ="62" width ="191" />

SMOV34S Series -

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Thermally protected SMOV34S Varistor Series for overvoltage circuit protection

The SMOV34S Varistor Series offer an integrated thermal disconnect designed to open in the event of overheating due to abnormal overvoltage as outlined in UL1449 (3rd edition). These devices possess a separate micro-switch that can be used to indicate when the MOV is disconnected from the circuit.

  • Facilitates compliance with the 3rd edition of UL1449 for SPD products
  • High peak surge current handling capability and high energy absorption capability
  • Intermediate current: 50A/150A; Nominal Discharge Current Value: 10 kA (SMOV25S) and 20kA (SMOV34S),recognized by UL 1449. UL file number: E320116
  • Compact design of MOV and switch
  • Lead-free and RoHS compliant

  • Surge protection devices
  • AC panel protection modules
  • Power transfer switches
  • AC/DC power distribution systems
  • Photovoltaic systems
  • Cell phone base stations

Access specifications, certifications, check availability and order parts below

Catalog #VMAX AC (V)VMAX DC (V)WTM (J)(ITM 1xAmps (A)ITM 2xAmps (A)VNDC
VNDC MAX (V)Vc (V)PolarityPartner ECAD ModelsStockSamplesCompare
Catalog #VMAX AC (V)VMAX DC (V)WTM (J)(ITM 1xAmps (A)ITM 2xAmps (A)VNDC
VNDC MAX (V)Vc (V)PolarityPartner ECAD ModelsStockSamplesCompare
SMOV34S111MP 1151502804000030000183163202305Bi-directionalSMOV34S111MP CheckOrder
SMOV34S131MP 1301753104000030000206184228345Bi-directionalSMOV34S131MP CheckOrder
SMOV34S151MP 1502003604000030000240212268405Bi-directionalSMOV34S151MP CheckOrder
SMOV34S181MP 1802404304000030000283254312488Bi-directionalSMOV34S181MP CheckOrder
SMOV34S251MP 2503304904000030000392354429650Bi-directionalSMOV34S251MP CheckOrder
SMOV34S271MP 2753695504000030000431389473730Bi-directionalSMOV34S271MP CheckOrder
SMOV34S301MP 3004005904000030000481433528780Bi-directionalSMOV34S301MP CheckOrder
SMOV34S321MP 3204206404000030000512462561830Bi-directionalSMOV34S321MP CheckOrder
SMOV34S421MP 42056091040000300006796107481130Bi-directionalSMOV34S421MP CheckOrder
SMOV34S461MP 46061096040000300007136427831188Bi-directionalSMOV34S461MP CheckOrder
SMOV34S511MP 51067596040000300008237359101350Bi-directionalSMOV34S511MP CheckOrder
SMOV34S551MP 55070096540000300008557709391415Bi-directionalSMOV34S551MP CheckOrder
SMOV34S621MP 6208001050400003000097788010741589Bi-directionalSMOV34S621MP CheckOrder
SMOV34S751MP 750970120040000300001200108013202000Bi-directionalSMOV34S751MP CheckOrder
Part # Part Description RoHS Pb-free RoHS (2015/ 863/EU) Certificate REACH (SVHC’s) Declaration Halogen Free REACH (SVHC’s)
SMOV34S421MP THERMALLY PROTECTED VARISTOR SMOV25S No 08/14/2012 No 08/14/2012 ../../../../../Common
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