Forward Reverse Relay Modules シリーズ - Forward Reverse Relay Module Cover


Ideal for tarp or lift applications. Also used on hoists, hatches, winches, snowplows, intake/exhaust fans, vehicle outriggers and other reversing applications. Module automatically reverses the direction of the motor when the appropriate control circuit is energized with a pulse from a control switch. Dynamic braking stops the motor when the switch returns to Off. Low-profile module saves space. Studs are securely anchored in epoxy.


  • Dynamic braking.
  • Carries a heavy load current.
  • Intermittent or continuous operation.
  • High performance silver tin oxide contacts assure long cycle life.
  • Fully sealed to IP67 with high strength epoxy for total moisture protection to withstand very harsh environments.
  • Ignition protected.
  • Tin-plated brass studs and hardware for corrosion resistance.
  • For intermittent operation, control switch should be Mom On-Off-Mom On; for continuous operation On-Off-On.


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24452 Heavy Duty Silverプラスチック
97297 プラスチック