FlexMod Battery Isolator Controller シリーズ - FlexMod Smart Battery Isolator Controller

The FlexMod Smart Battery Isolator Controller unit monitors two battery banks and controls one or more relays or contactors to make sure starting power is protected by isolating the starting and auxiliary battery banks. Turns any electromecanical solenoid or relay into a battery isolator and works with ECM controlled alternators. System will disconnect load after 1 sec of excessive current, and auto-recover after 10 seconds.

Programmable unit can be setup with custom parameters by select authorized distributors.


  • Compact design (4" x 3" x 1") unit is waterproof, dustproof and vibration-proof. Mounts anywhere on a vehicle, even places where road-splash is a problem. Sealed to IP67 standard.
  • Isolates main and auxiliary batteries when system voltage drops below 12.7 Vdc, and automatically reconnects battery banks at 13.2 Vdc. Preserves starting power; eliminates downtime and jump starts due to dead batteries.
  • Start assist feature provides boost to starting battery, when needed.
  • Compatible with modern electronically controlled alternators (some diode Battery Isolators are not). Smart Battery Isolator Controller eliminates false battery warnings created by diode isolators.
  • Status light output drives remote light, informing operator when banks are connected
  • Unit is autoranging - senses 12V or 24V systems.
実装: Four 9/32" (7.2mm) dia. holes
サイズ: 4.0 x 2.7 x 1.3" (102 x 69 x 33mm)


Catalog #Current Rating (Continuous) in AmpsVoltage Rating MaxDetailsIngress ProtectionHousingAgency Approval - HumidityAgency Approval - ShockAgency Approval - VibrationCompare
カタログ番号アンペアでの定格電流(直流)最大定格電圧詳細保護等級ハウジング規格認証 - 湿度規格認証 - 衝撃規格認証 - 振動比較する
48540 1032IP67Blue Thermoplastic0 to 90% RHSAE J145510-500 Hz
48540-01 10A0 to 90% RH
48540-01-BX 1032IP670 to 90% RHSAE J145510-500 Hz
48740 10IP67Blue Thermoplastic0 to 90% RHSAE J145510-500 Hz
48740-01 10A0 to 90% RH

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