Electrical Products

The all-new Electrical Products section of Littelfuse University has been designed with key focus areas in mind.

Not only can you search for courses based on your level of product expertise (Basic, Advanced & Expert) but also based on your areas of interest or market segments (Construction, Industrial, OEM, Solar, etc.).

In addition, this new site has an easier-to-navigate design and layout that includes Features Courses along with Product Videos and Webcast Replays.

Electrical Products include such items as Electrical Fuses, Fuse Blocks and Holders, Fusible Switches and Panels, Protection Relays and Controls, and Custom Engineered Electrical Equipment.



A library of Sales & Marketing collateral for Electronics related products, technologies and key markets - including Circuit Protection, Sensors and Power Semiconductors.

Your single source for the most recent, up-to-date Electronics technical information available today.

  • • Application Notes, Videos, Design Guides
  • • Product Trainings
  • • Release to Market (RTMs) Information
  • • Order Product Sample Kits & Material
  • • Product Catalogs & Flyers
  • • View Published Articles
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