95634-01 - 95 Standard Body Series

シリーズ: 95 Standard Body
製造中止:2019 -01-09
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Littelfuse Ignition Switches are designed for universal applications within harsh environments. Their mounting, body, and actuator features are designed for ease-of-use and extended product lifecycle. The 95 Standard Body Series offers a variety of actuators and circuities. From interior lighting to vehicle accessories, these products can support the control of applications beyond ignition circuits.


  • Key removable in “Off” Position Only (where applicable)
  • Ignition Proof to SAE J259
  • Designed to enable universal start applications
Property (Mouseover for details) Value
Details Fits: 3/4-1.0 Hole
Positions Off - Ign/Acc - Start
Actuator Military Lever
Contact Material Bronze

pdf icon 95 Standard Body Ignition Switches Datasheet

95 Standard Body Ignition Switches Datasheet