50R Alternating Relays シリーズ - 交流リレー

シリーズ: 50R Alternating Relays
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The 50R-400-ALT alternating relays are used to alternate between two loads, most commonly in duplex pumping and compressor applications to balance the runtime of both loads.

When used in single float applications, the alternating relay changes state after the float switch opens*, forcing the other pump to run the next time the float closes. When used in dual float applications, the alternating relay will allow both pumps to run simultaneously when the lead and lag floats are both closed.

An adjustment knob provides the option to force one pump to run every time the float switch is closed. This is helpful when one pump has been removed for repair or for test purposes.

A built-in debounce feature prevents the alternating relay from changing state if the float contact bounces momentarily.


Catalog #Input
Voltage (V)
Termination TypeMounting MethodDimensionsWeight (lbs/g)Debounce Time Delay (s)Input Current Range (A)Input Impedance (Ohms)Output Load Rating (VA)Stock
電圧 (V)
端子タイプ取付け方式寸法重量 (ポンド / g)Debounce Time Delay (s)入力電流範囲 (A)入力インピーダンス(オーム)Output Load Rating (VA)在庫
50R-400-ALT 432 - 528 Vac7 in.-lbs. 12 - 18 AWG#8 screws2.93 H x 5.27 W x 2.95 D in. (74.4 x 133.9 x 74.9 mm)0 Kg10.041000000Pilot Duty: 470 VA @ 600 Vac; General Purpose: 10 A確認