Reversing Solenoids シリーズ - 12V Motor Reversing Intermittent Duty DPDT Solenoid

シリーズ: Reversing Solenoids
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A combination of two solenoids in one package to reduce cost and maximize space savings while also providing simpler wiring. Two integral solenoids provide dynamic braking for permanent magnet motors, when neither coil is energized. This intermittent duty solenoid can be used at a variety of amperages.

Voltage: 12 VDC

75 A (5 mins on, 5 min off), 125 A (30 sec on, 5 min off), 150 A (0.5 sec on, 5 min off)
75, 125, 150 A
Circuitry: Double-Pole, Double-Throw (DPDT)
Contact Materials:
Contact Stud Threads: 5/16"-24 Threads hex nuts and lock washers included
Contact Stud Material:
Coil Terminals: ブレード


Catalog #Current Rating (Continuous) in AmpsCircuitryContact MaterialHousingCompare
24450 75DPDTプラスチック
24450-02 75DPDTプラスチック
24450-BX 75DPDTプラスチック
24450-BP 75DPDTプラスチック
24452-BX 50Heavy Duty Silverプラスチック