Smart Battery Isolators シリーズ - Smart Battery Isolator

シリーズ: Smart Battery Isolators
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Smart Battery Isolators prevent loads on auxiliary battery from draining the starting battery.


  • More flexible than traditional battery isolators
  • Simple to install - connect to starting battery, auxiliary battery and ground.
  • Work with all types of alternators
  • Smaller and lighter than traditional isolators
  • There are no efficiency losses due to diodes
  • Allows bi-directional charging from the alternator or from shore power
  • Reduces the load on the charging system by not connecting the auxiliary battery until the primary battery is charged to 13.2V which extends the life of charging components.
  • LED status indicator
  • Optional start assist with addition of a momentary switch allows the auxiliary batter to assist the starting batter
  • Quiescent current 5mA typical, 8mA maximum


品番 Amp 電圧
48525 85A 12 VDC
48530 200A 12 VDC


Catalog #Current Rating (Continuous) in AmpsVoltage Rating MaxIngress ProtectionAgency Approval - HumidityAgency Approval - ShockAgency Approval - VibrationCompare
カタログ番号アンペアでの定格電流(直流)最大定格電圧保護等級規格認証 - 湿度規格認証 - 衝撃規格認証 - 振動比較する
48525 8516IP67to 90% RH10-500 Hz
48525-BX 8516
48530 20016IP67to 90% RHSAE J145510-500 Hz
48530-BX 20016